The Basics of Estate Planning

22 February 2021
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Do you not have any sort of estate planning in place, and want to start planning for the unexpected? Here is what you need to know about how estate planning can work for you. Why Is An Estate Plan Important? An estate plan tells others what to do when the unexpected happens. Estate planning isn't just for deciding what happens to your assets after you pass away, but also for making decisions about what happens if you are incapacitated or disabled. Read More 

Have You Been Libeled? What To Know

23 September 2020
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Most people never consider how libel is a form of personal injury until it happens to them. Words can cause harm and that is the main point of this type of civil action. Read on to find out more about libel and what it means. Clearing Up Some Confusing Terms Libel is one of those words that some people mix-up with other similar terms. The overall term for when a person is harmed by the words of another is defamation. Read More 

3 Things To Expect When Hiring A Bankruptcy Attorney

17 June 2020
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While bankruptcy is something that most try to avoid at all costs, many find themselves in a financial situation where bankruptcy may be the best way to get back on track. Filing for bankruptcy after an illness, an extended period of unemployment, or after a few bad decisions is common. If you find yourself in a position where bankruptcy is your best option, a bankruptcy attorney can help. Here are three things that you should expect when hiring a bankruptcy attorney. Read More 

How Do You Share The Family Pet After Divorce?

30 October 2019
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Divorce is hard, no matter the circumstances. If you have a beloved pet the entire family loves, the entire situation can become that much more difficult, as you do not know which one of you will take the pet. In some families, splitting time with the family pet is almost as important as any other part of the divorce process. When it comes to how you will share time with your family pet, consider the following: Read More 

Tips to Establish Child Support

25 June 2019
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In this day and age, many children are born to parents who are not legally married. When a relationship between two unmarried people ends and there are children involved, both parents still have the obligation to care for their shared child. In most cases, this involves one parent paying the other parent-child support to help provide the child with a safe home, food, clothing, and other necessities. Unfortunately, child support issues can be complex, and when parents have never been married to each other, things can become more complicated. Read More